Sunday, May 10, 2009

The JW Informant-post #1

This is the initial introduction of this site. It's purpose is to inform interested people about Jehovah's Witnesses-The Cult behind the Name. The intent is not to be vindictive nor critical to the point of adhominem attack.The people that live and function within this Organization(The Watchtower Society) are all basically decent folk.
However,there are many things about the Witnesses and their Organization that many people simply do not know. It is to those facts hidden below the friendly facade that people have the right to know! When they knock on your door-what is their ultimate purpose? What do they really think of the regular people they meet? What are their teachings-really!-i.e.:Eschatology or the study of the "end times" peculiar to the millenialist movements of the nineteenth century such as Pastor Russell -the founder of the precursor movement-the IBSA- that gave birth to a number of religious groups-the most prominent being the JW's.? What do they actually believe will be the fate of any and all that are not Jehovah's Witnesses when that time comes-when the door to the figurative or symbolic ark is closed? Within this Cult-how does your status change after you are baptized- for the better and for the worse? What of their pseudo scriptural view about Blood and the insidious nature by which it has cost thousands of lives? and much more.
We invite comment and questions from anyone and shall consider this- as it in actuality is- an open forum. However, we will not respond to open and vindictive assault against the Watchtower or Jehovah's Witnesses for the sole purpose of attack- except by silence or as an apologist where they are being unfairly criticized.
There are many things to be discussed in this forum-we will be posting in the days to come.
May the discussion begin!


  1. Hello Sir,

    I appreciate you intention to not attack Jehovah's Witnesses. I was likewise associated with 'the truth' for many years and have many friends and relatives who are JWs.

    When I was about 20 years of age I felt, with the power of Jehovah. I could do anything I set my mind to. This worked for me but many of my Witness friends thought I was nuts. Over the years I lost that confidence but having left the JW's I now have the faith again.

    What do you think of that? Was it Jehovah that gave me that confidence? If so, why do I now have it while not a JW? Why did few of my JW friends have this kind of faith? Can the JW's be right for some and wrong for others? If so wouldn't truth be relative?

    Justin Twolaws

  2. Justin:
    thank you for your comment. You asked Was it Jehovah that gave me that confidence? I can only offer an opinion-as I do not claim to have firm answers as to what is-only conviction of what is not!"Jehovah" as defined by the Watchtower or Jehovah's Witnesses to me is not!As to what "Jehovah" is-that is best left to another discussion.The conviction of most Jehovah's Witnesses and "Faith" is not in actuality in "Jehovah" but rather in the the so-called "faithful slave class" and it's interpretation of who or what Jehovah IS! I would suggest that your confidence or faith rested squarely on your
    understanding and not on "Jehovah"(that is as interpreted by the JW's). Your real underlying faith rests upon God as you perceive him to be - the concept of "God" has always existed whether that be a personal "Sky Daddy" or Universal Consciousness or whatever
    a person perceives "God" to be. So Jehovah is gone but your faith though at times undefined remains- therefore your confidence remains in tact. Much better than those who leave the Watchtower with their faith in "Jehovah" now gone they are desolate in all respects-lost- and in most cases drift into agnosticism and finally atheism.I would opine that "God" exists mostly within and not necessarily without.As to the question Can the JW's be right for some and wrong for others?The answer is yes, People seek solace where they find it and the JW's have given stability and comfort to the lives of many who had nothing spiritually and they found within the Watchtower comfort, comradeship and stability in their lives-that is a good thing. For others reality begins to take precedence and the myth emerges-along with it an intellectual recognition that our faith as JW's is built upon a false assumption or rather a series of false assumptions,which offers only a pseudo faith -then the search for "Truth" begins anew. As to your last question -wouldn't truth be relative? One is reminded of the poignant question posed to Jesus by Pilate- What Is Truth?
    My answer to that is that all truth is relative- if there is an absolute Truth the only hope of finding it is after we leave this human "FORM" and perhaps not even then.
    Since your questions were not really on doctrine I answered them mostly from my opinion which carries the weight of a feather.I appreciated your questions and would enjoy hearing from you again.

  3. spiritualbrother:
    thank you for your comment. I traveled back to your site and reviewed some of the items posted there. It is very difficult for some to fully comprehend the damage that can be done by a cult that most would view as a rather benign group. For those who are not perhaps acquainted with Ray Franz (not to be confused with his Uncle FW Franz-now deceased)personally, in my estimation he is still a very kind and gentle soul-who has no bitterness-my hope is to maintain that same composure to the end as well.Though I have not seen him in a few years,in one of my meetings with Ray-on a lark-I asked him to autograph my personal copy of Crisis of Conscience.We had a good laugh over a glass of wine.
    From my own experiences-One of my sons even though he confessed with tears in his eyes that he still loved me,nevertheless,out of loyalty to the Organization/Jehovah will no longer speak with me or associate in any way-I have not seen him in some time now;that is very hard on him as well as me, as I still love him dearly.. But I realize that I cannot forcefully awaken him from the intellectual and spiritual sleep that he is in. My confidence is that he will awake one day while I still exist in this form so that we can enjoy the time that remains. I will endeavor, through my efforts to reach as many as I can with a straightforward answer to any questions about the teachings of JW's and the Watchtower, assisting them where I may to Awake!or perhaps to avoid the pitfalls in the first place.In my next post, I may tackle the "Blood" issue,but in my own way, we shall see.
    the JW Informant